Pomp and Go-Go Dance

In this town once dubbed the "City of Hate," it often seems as if there are three kinds of people: those who respect the past while living their normal daily lives, those who ignore Big D's rich history in favor of building more ultralounges and parking lots, and finally, our personal favorites, those who are essentially stuck in time and would rather be living in the Big D of the '60s, '70s, '80s or '90s. Thankfully, Rockers vs. Mods III, a rally for "rare cafe-style motorcycles" and "vintage Italian scooters," will easily scare away the ultralounge crowd with its throngs of cycle-riding mods and greasers, leaving the other two groups to have all the fun. Those stuck pining for 1978 will surely enjoy Friday's kick-off event at the Longhorn Ballroom--where UK tribute band The Sex Pistols Experience will attempt to recreate the original Sex Pistols' infamous Dallas concert as the Lollibombs welcome attendants burlesque-style--while Saturday's events include a slew of races and bike contests before winding down with a greaser rock show at Amsterdam Bar, The Smoke's Northern Soul Dance Party at Sons of Hermann Hall and a midnight ride through downtown. The whole shebang ends Sunday with another ride from Moto Liberty to Blue Collar Bar; three-day passes are $20, or $35 if you want to show off your sweet ride for the judges. Visit rockersvsmods.com for more info.
March 20-22, 2009


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