Popcorn Drunks

I've been waiting for an Alamo Drafthouse to open in North Texas for years now--there's really nothing as satisfying as watching a bad movie with a bucket of Lone Star in hand, after all. Until that glorious day, however, we Dallasites will have to make do with the Studio Movie Grill, which follows the same basic concept--beer, food and film--in their five suburban locations. This Friday they'll offer a sneak preview of their new Dallas location at 11170 N. Central Expressway, with all proceeds benefiting the Dallas Children's Theater. Tickets are $25 for the family-friendly event, which features "a first-run movie presentation" and the world premiere of a 23-minute doc on the DCT. Call 214-978-0110 or e-mail rsvp@dct.org.
Fri., Feb. 1, 2008


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