Queen of the Night? I've Been Called Worse.

The titular instrument in The Magic Flute has the ability to change men's hearts. If I had that thing I'd be chilling on a bonbon throne, snacking my way through a Die Hard marathon while dudes paid my bills and Swiffered my floors. The characters in Mozart's classic opera are much better humans; they nobly use it for rescuing love. Suckers. Written as a German libretto by Schikaneder and adapted by his Masonic brother, Mozart, the production is rich with secret society mystery, jokes-a-plenty and some vocally acrobatic arias for the Queen of the Night. Besides, who doesn't love a good German quest that takes place in the woods and features both his/her suicide attempts, hot air balloons and dastardly serpents? Crazy people, that's who. Even Mozart called it one of his favorite works, and he's Mozart. It runs for three weekends, but opens tonight at 7:30 p.m. At the Winspear Opera House. Tickets range from $34 to $147. Visit www.dallasopera.org.
Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays; Sat., April 28. Starts: April 20. Continues through May 6, 2012


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