In Dallas, the Alan Ross Freedom Parade held on Cedar Springs every year is a celebration of queer identities. Some local activists, though, think that the Pride parade has become too commercialized and insistent on presenting a “straightwashed” image of what the gay community really is. Enter QueerBomb. Modeled after similar celebrations in cities like Austin, QueerBomb Dallas’ inaugural “big queer procession” will fill Julius Schepps Park at 8 p.m. Saturday in a way that no other LGBT celebration ever has in Dallas. Before a loud-and-proud queer procession from the park into Deep Ellum, local speakers will present an open-mic forum where people can air thoughts on social justice. After, the fancy-pants, but still free, QueerBomb Ball will be hosted at whimsical venue The Quixotic World (2824 Main St) to celebrate the lives and identities of gay, lesbian, transgender, gender non-conforming, and bisexual people of all ages and all stripes. More information at Queerbombdallas.org.
Sat., June 28, 8 p.m., 2014


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