Radner Reincarnate

"Having cancer gave me membership into an elite club to which I would rather not belong," Gilda Radner said after being diagnosed.

Cancer is a bonding experience, whether one has it, knows someone with it or has lost someone to it. A 16-year breast cancer survivor, Kathy LaTour has put massive effort, creativity and experience into sharing her journey through cancer with others. She will have an entirely new and positive cancer-related experience when she debuts her one-woman show One Mutant Cell on Sunday evening.

Since her diagnosis with invasive breast cancer in 1986, LaTour has written The Breast Cancer Companion, has become a nationally recognized speaker and is an active board member of Gilda's Club North Texas.


Kathy LaTour

Performs One Mutant Cell at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Greenville Avenue Center for the Arts, 5601 Sears. Tickets are $25 per person. Call 972-395-9034.

Sound like a busy schedule? Try adding in treatments, doctor's appointments and hours of research. It all contributed, however, to one fascinating product.

Her show is a live journal-like account of some of the hilarious, odd and bonding experiences LaTour had post-diagnosis. They are the little quirky things that gave LaTour a new lease on life, the minutiae that gave her a lease on laughter.

Given that she is a woman performing this mix of comedy and cancer, it is befitting that all proceeds will go to the organization created in memory of comedian Gilda Radner. The pairing of One Mutant Cell and Gilda's Club is especially appropriate considering the focus of both is creating an atmosphere conducive to sharing the happenings that make up a cancer-affected life.

LaTour continues to support the program that supported her. What's not to support? Witness a very funny and very real chronicle of a life that laughed through cancer. Support a program dedicated to sharing that same laughter.


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