Rangers Aim For Big Apples

The Yankees have had it rough lately. As they slide into the Ballpark for their upcoming series against our scrappy Rangers, they'll have a couple of things on their mind. Obviously, the loss of their beloved George Steinbrenner to a massive heart attack a few weeks ago will still be weighing heavily on their minds. The man was an icon, and though his son was already taking care of much of the day-to-day for the team, the elder Steinbrenner was still a huge part of the team's soul. And beyond that, you have to think that there is a little bit of resentment on the Yanks' part toward the Rangers for swiping Cliff Lee out from under their noses...while the Texas team is in bankruptcy. That's gotta hurt too, though to a decidedly lesser extent. So, while a Yankees-Rangers series is always a big draw at the Ballpark, this installment should be extra interesting. Add to that brewing dynamic the fact that these games are, at heart, a contest between baseball's most legendary team and the "Little Engine That Could" of the AL West and--of course--you'll want to be there, hot dog in hand, to see how it goes down. Get in on the action at the Ballpark, 1000 Ballpark Way in Arlington, at 7:05 p.m. Tuesday, and again at the same time Wednesday. Tickets are available to fit any budget, and can be purchased online at texas.rangers.mlb.com.
Wed., Aug. 11, 7:05 p.m., 2010


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