Rays of 'Gold

Gustafer Yellowgold is gold, and he is part cat and part alien, and he is from the sun. His friends include an eel and a dinosaur. Trust me, your kids will love him, and you might too. That's because the only way to see Gustafer, the creation of songwriter/illustrator Morgan Taylor, is live. Here's how a Gustafer show works: minimally animated illustrations of Gustafer and his friends are projected onto a big screen while Taylor (who collaborates with musicians like Duncan Sheik in his spare time) sings along, narrating the show. In "Pterodactyl Tuxedo," for example, we learn of Gustafer's dinosaur friend who waits for a party that never seems to begin: "Pterodactyl never turns down his radio/Couple speakers jumpin' off the floor/In case a party should grow." Good Records is bringing Taylor to Dallas for two Gustafer performances on Saturday, May 13. The first will be an in-store performance at Good Records (1808 Lower Greenville Ave.), followed by an evening performance at the Gypsy Tea Room, 2548 Elm St. Visit goodrecords.com or gustaferyellowgold.com.
Sat., May 13


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