Read-Rite Market: An All-Day Word Party

Let those day-drunk journalists blow cash to rub elbows with Susan Orlean and Ben Fountain at the Mayborn today. Everyone else will post up at Oil and Cotton (837 W. 7th St., Oak Cliff) for Read-Rite Market: a free celebration of the written word and the social practice of reading. They’ve programmed an entire day of events, beginning with the most decadent act of adulthood: Coffee, Cigarettes and a Newspaper, where local word-makers read aloud from the morning paper while you sip caffeine from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. As the day advances, so does the pace, with fresh activities sparking up every half hour. You can learn calligraphy, absorb a Skype poetry reading, see artwork created in women’s prison, hear an Oral Fixation reading, pull a screen-print poster, dissect old books, engage in an exquisite corpse story chain and even dust off your schoolyard MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) skills. There’s more, lots more, so visit or the event page on Facebook:
Sat., July 20, 2013


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