Reading For Content...Ment

I think it's possible someone has found a workable solution to ending illiteracy: Give a book to a naked chick and have her read it aloud. Hell, even require people to pay to hear, er, watch it. On Saturday and Sunday, at the Luminarte Design Studio, La Divina Productions is doing just that as they present, "Love, Lust and Libertines," their first Naked Girls Reading event of this year. Award-winning author of Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage and featured Dallas Morning News columnist, Jenny Block, will be on hand, birthday suit and all, to take part in the performance. If you're wondering now what it is exactly they will be reading, you're going to have to drop $17 on a ticket (and your booze of choice--it's BYOB) to find out. But I'd hardly expect anyone to be more interested in the literature than, say, the visual experience. Advance ticket purchase is recommended. Visit for tickets and more information.
Sat., Feb. 20; Sun., Feb. 21, 2010


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