Ready, Set, Rock

Hell yes, 26.2 miles is a long distance, even more so when the only thing between the asphalt and your asinine idea to run for hours is a pair of Nikes, thigh glide and a tube of energy goo. A marathon definitely sounded easier in Runner's World.

On Sunday, thousands of masochists will line up in Victory Park at the American Airlines Center for Wellstone's Dallas White Rock Marathon. The race features the full-meal deal (26.2 miles), the half marathon (a less daunting yet still excruciating 13.1 miles), the five-person relay (share the pain) and the five-person corporate relay (brown-nose your athletic boss). Along the way, musical acts provide a distraction from the muscle cramps, and at the end, you can celebrate (if there's leftover energy) at the "I Rocked" post-race party.

Why do seemingly sane people submit their joints and bones to repeated pounding while grunting and sweating? There's the runner's high. There's the free swag at the end of the race. And because the 10-mile loop at White Rock Lake has the best views for nature lovers in all of Big D. Wellstone's Dallas White Rock Marathon benefits Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Visit
Sun., Dec. 9, 2007


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