Revising and Re-imaging History

When is revisionist history ever a good thing? Well, when artist Betsy Williamson is the one making the cuts and pastes. Williamson’s Rewriting Art History re-imagines the field by reappropriating historically significant works in a way that challenges and surprises the viewer. On exhibition at the Mercantile Coffee House, in partnership with the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Williamson’s MFA thesis work runs through June 23 with an opening reception from 6-7 p.m. Friday at 1800 Main St. In advance of an exciting upcoming solo exhibition — Mining the Textbooks of Art History — at the ARC Gallery in Chicago that extends her work in textbook collage, Rewriting Art History offers but a taste of this emerging artist’s vision and mixed-media methodology. Call 214-953-1212 or visit for more details.
Thu., May 17, 2012


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