Rising From The Ashes

When beloved and locally operated gallery Kettle Art was forced to close its doors last May, the loss resonated far beyond Deep Ellum’s periphery. Fortunately for all parties, Deep Ellum 42 — the Dallas property management company known for reaching out to and working with local artists — stepped in to lend a hand. The new space sits at 2650-B Main St., and Thursday you’ll get to check it out as Kettle Art Gallery christens the space with Phoenix, a group show featuring Kettle’s most dedicated talents. You may have already been in the location before it was destined for Kettleness: It was recently used for several Deep Ellum Windows projects and housed an offering by local art collective Caviar Club. But even if you have been in over the summer, you probably won’t recognize the space since it’s been given an overhaul — a full-on transformation worthy of Kettle’s mission to present the best local art in the best light possible. Nearly 40 artists will show work at Phoenix, so bring your pocketbook. The opening party runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Visit facebook.com/kettle.art/events.
Thu., Sept. 19, 2013


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