Romp and Stomp Till Midnight

Sometimes this job's so easy the stories write themselves. Or, in this case, they're written by other people, like bluesman Willie Dixon. To wit: Would someone please inform automatic Slim, razor-toting Jim, butcher knife-toting Annie and the rest of the gang that Arts Fifth Avenue in Fort Worth intends to wang-dang-doodle—not quite all night long, but from 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday at the neighborhood arts center at 1628 5th Ave. The benefit is called Wang Dang Doodle: Deux, and 25 bucks will get you an evening of blues featuring headliner James Hinkle, plus barbecue and an arts auction. And if none of this wang-dang stuff makes sense to you, go to iTunes and search for Howlin' Wolf. You won't regret it. Call 817-923-9500 or visit
Sat., April 29, 6 p.m.-midnight


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