Running Through The Wet Grass

If it weren't for music then I would definitely look like Jabba the Hutt. Music is my only motivation to jump on the treadmill or to find a running trail to work off those extra calories from Taco Bell's $5 Box. (Thanks a lot, Charles Barkley.) With the help of some fast-paced songs, I can actually enjoy sweating and being out of breath for once. And who wants to run in silence or hear the person next to you complaining about their bad knee? Not I. The Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon totally gets this, which is why they've incorporated live music into their race course. While running 13.1 miles this Saturday, you'll get to listen to more than 20 local bands play everything from country to pop to keep you going. Make it through to the end and you'll find New Orleans-based rock group Better Than Ezra waiting for you at the finish line to celebrate--"wah-aw, it was good running with you, wah-aw." For more information, check out
Sun., March 14, 2010


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