Saddle Up and Ride

IMAX movies look a little too realistic, if you ask us. We once attended an IMAX movie with our elementary school class, only to flip out and run away crying while the opening "helicopter" sequence played before the feature. Hey, as 7-year-olds, we weren't down with the illusion of hovering above a city at 10,000 feet...our wussy asses would've preferred Ride Around the World, the latest IMAX feature screening at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1501 Montgomery St., starting on Saturday. The super-huge film print showcases some of the finest landscapes on the globe, from Mexico to Morocco, to explain how horses shaped the face of human settlement (in case childhood games of Oregon Trail didn't drive that point home enough). Filmmakers promise "some of the most spectacular horse footage ever seen on an IMAX screen"...even better than Horses: The Story of Equus, you say? Since we're IMAX horse-movie buffs and all. But this one's different because of the accompanying museum exhibit, Ride: A Global Adventure, down the block at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, 1720 Gendy St. If you think the movie looks realistic, actual relics from settlers should up the ante. IMAX tickets are $8. Combined admission to both museums is $7. Call 817-255-9300.
May 27-Oct. 1


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