Savor Favor

One thing is clear from all recent editorials, letters to the editor and angry reader comments we've received regarding the less-than-victorious Victory Park, the subject of a recent cover story here at the Observer. You love to hate it. We all do. It's what the Germans coined schadenfreude, taking pleasure in the suffering of others. So if the little Nazi in your head hungers for a sadistic fix, feast your eyes on Victory Park's next mega event: Savor Dallas 2009, an upscale, two-day culinary event with weekend passes starting at $300. Mmm. Smells like failure. And filet mignon. Either way, I'm hungry. For those of you who love good food but hate Victory Park, passes to individual savory events, such as the Arts District Wine Stroll, are available on the Web site, and a free screening of Martin Scorsese's Rolling Stones doc Shine a Light caps off Friday's festivities. In the spirit of Victory-hating, I find it hard to imagine sports fans saving the money they could have spent on hot dogs and overpriced beers at the American Airlines Center to mingle with refined, fine wining and dining aficionados. Most guests will likely be out-of-towners, lured by the restaurant capital that is "DFW." As if restaurants have anything to do with what makes Dallas great. Sigh. Visit for tickets and info.
Fri., March 6; Sat., March 7, 2009


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