Scary Stuff

Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas is no small undertaking. To transform the 212-acre theme park into a den of terror, the spooksters use 3,000 yards of spider webs, 450 tombstones and 500 bales of hay...because, well, hay is scary. New to the attractions this year is the Texas Scare-a-Story Ghost Town, rumored to be haunted by the murdered victims of an evil gunslinger. Only thing scarier: Wal-Mart on tax-free day. There's also Welcome to Arania's Nightmare, a classic Fright Fest show in which Arania, the "Black Widow Bride," is on the hunt for her 14th mate. Only thing scarier: "Celine Dion: Live in Branson!" Or maybe Cher's "final" farewell concert No. 34. Six Flags also offers up Dr. Malice's Fear Factory. This year, the demented doctor is looking for new subjects for his experiments, and what he has in mind is none too savory. Only thing scarier: Diet Pepsi Vanilla. Fright Fest runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through November 2 at Six Flags in Arlington. Call 817-640-8900. --Rhonda Reinhart

Stringing 'Em Up
Puppets journey to Oz
OK, I'll admit it: The granddaughter has, over the years, very nearly convinced me that those are real little people peering from the box-like stage at NorthPark's famous Le Theatre de Marionette. And she'll not have changed her mind when we take in the puppet performance of The Wizard of Oz sometime before November 23. You know the story, Mom and Dad, so all that needs saying is that it has been edited down to a 50-minute show that very much resembles the movie version of the the kiddies don't get real fidgety and your shopping isn't too long postponed. Since they'll be performing at the State Fair through October 19, only a Saturday 10:30 a.m. showing will be available at the 440 NorthPark Center site through the fair run. Admission is $8 for adults and $7 for children. Call 214-369-4849 or log on to --Carlton Stowers

Book It to the Library

If this entertaining and educational Library Live! Bookworm event doesn't get the little tykes interested in the wonder and pleasure of books, you might as well lift the ol' surrender flag and just plop them in front of Barney for the duration of their childhood. Well-known children's reader Margaret Caulder, who disguises herself as a book-devouring bookworm--we're not making this up--and brings with her a "magical talking book," will be on hand for a Highland Hills Branch Library, 3624 Simpson Stuart Road, presentation at 10 a.m. on October 15. A delightful entertainer, Caulder will also be accompanied by her family of puppets, who will introduce her young audience to the various concepts related to the love and care of books. Call 214-670-0987. --Carlton Stowers


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