Screw the Mall. Buy Weird Art.

Black Friday is going to be exhausting whether you embrace it or run from it. You might spend the whole day ransacking stores for deals, you might try to hit up just one and become trapped for hours in the Walking Dead-esque frenzy, or you can try to avoid it all by hiding in a dark corner of your bedroom. Which is draining in its own way. The best way to recuperate from the blitzkrieg of consumerism is indulge in something culturally edifying, and the timing is perfect because Friday is the opening of Fort Worth-based artist John Carlisle Moore’s fourth annual holiday show of new works by regional artists. The show is scheduled to start with a bang at 7 p.m. at Arts Fifth Ave., 1628 5th Ave., Fort Worth, and closes on December 20, purportedly with an even bigger bang. Artists on display include Clara Jewel Moore, Wally Knight and Clay Stinnet, and the opening and closing nights also feature live music. Visit
Fri., Nov. 29, 2013


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