Sexy Scary

Horror is an often- (and wrongly) maligned genre. True, there’s more than a healthy amount of crap in it, and the most famous examples are full of campy characters like Leatherface and William Shatner-masked psychopaths. But like any genre, horror can be well-executed, intellectual and artful. The Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd., is presenting Trouble Every Day by French director Claire Denis, a film that boasts horror and eroticism in equal measure. Vincent Gallo and Tricia Vessey star as a married couple, and Gallo seeks out a reclusive scientist and discovers the man keeping his wife imprisoned in a boarded-up room, the victim of a dangerous and mysterious condition. Local filmmaker David Lowry, director of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, will be on hand to introduce the movie. Tickets are $10 and the reels roll at 9:15 p.m. Thursday. Visit
Thu., Jan. 9, 2014


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