Shake, Rattle And Roller Derby!

Roller derby has been around since the 1930s … back when it was just a bunch of dames acting out a skated script. These days there are no scripts and approximately 1,400 amateur leagues exist around the world. We’re lucky enough to have two of the roughest, toughest teams of bad bitches on wheels right here in Dallas Assassination City Conspiracy and Dallas Derby Army of Darkness. And in a dramatic twist of fate or, you know, marketing ploy, the two titans will body slam each other for two entire games in a season opener at 5 p.m. Saturday at Fair Park Coliseum, 1438 Coliseum Drive. First up in the double header, the B teams. And after that, the A teams … minus Mr. T. It’s a match-up you don’t want to miss unless you’re into missing awesome things. Tickets start at $10 and are on sale now at, Pluckers on Greenville or Dad’s Broadway Skateland in Mesquite.
Sat., Feb. 16, 2013


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