Shamrock On

Kids can celebrate St. Patrick's Day early this year with the Luck of the Green Lock In at Eisenbergs Skate Park in Plano. From midnight Friday through 8 a.m. Saturday, kids are treated to all-night skating or biking, contests, pizza, party favors, games and breakfast. The only requirements are a signed waiver, helmets (which can be rented at the skate park) and the price of admission.

Those who were among the 135 kids who showed up for the popular New Year's Eve Lock In get a discount on the admission price. Located in historic downtown Plano, Eisenbergs offers a safe haven for kids to play and skate or bike. Those who don't make use of the many ramps in the park have an arcade area in which to hang out, but the main emphasis of the park is a more active experience. Admission ranges from $15 to $35. Eisenbergs Skate Park, 930 E. 15th St., Plano. Call 972-509-7725.--David Wilson

Hard Bound
Even a cynic must admit the Dallas Mavericks players participating in the "Read to Achieve" program are worthy of praise. In fact, we suggest that if you attend this month's reading (4 p.m. at the Park Forest Dallas Public Library, 3421 Forest Lane, 214-670-6333), show your appreciation by bringing your own tome, such as 101 Basketball Rebounding Drills. --Eric Celeste

Welcome to Fun City
You say assorted out-of-town tykes are coming for a visit? Before the little rug rats start tearing into your precious comics, you need to distract them. Luckily, author Kevin J. Shay is offering A Parent's Guide to Dallas Fort Worth, which promises more than 250 outings for kids (and he didn't just repeatedly type the words "Six Flags"), at a 2 p.m. launch party at Barnes & Noble, 3634 Irving Mall. Call 972-257-8320. --Patrick Williams


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