Shamrocks and Maple Leaves

If the Winter Olympics have you singing "O Canada," the 2010 North Texas Irish Festival will satisfy your craving for all things music from our Northern neighbor. This year the festival will feature tunes from Atlantic Canada--the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island--as they happen to be sources for traditional Irish folk songs. From harpists to fiddling and everything in between, the festival will be full of the sounds of Celtic, Scottish and Irish music on every one of its nine stages. The event includes a horse arena, which will feature a number of equine-inspired activities. Just be sure to watch where you step, since the Dallas Mounted Police--some trained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police--will be on patrol. The festivities also includes dance by both local and nationally-renowned performers, storytelling, workshops and plenty of food to help soak up the suds. So start practicing your toasts ("Here's to a long life and a merry one, a quick death and an easy one, a pretty girl and an honest one, a cold pint--and another one"), brush up on your folk songs, and head out to the festival out at Fair Park, Friday through Sunday. For more information, visit
March 5-7, 2010


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