She Knows How to Use Them

Hard. Pale. Chunky. Chipped. Not exactly phrases I'd use to describe hot legs. But the Venus Breeze razor "Legs of a Goddess" contest is so named, and all the goddess legs I've ever seen have been carved into stone and marble, ancient representations of female deities displayed in museums. Since Venus has named pop star Rihanna as the contest's spokeswoman, however, they obviously have a different idea of what makes legs goddess-like. And viva Rihanna, anyway! Unlike other female celebrities today, she appears to actually have legs, not the wobbly, brittle bones that struggle to support even the tiny torsos of the Olsen twins or Kate Moss. Hopefully Venus will apply that same sensibility toward beautiful, healthy-looking women when they come through Dallas (with the leggy Stacy Kiebler in tow) looking for the local winner of the "Legs" contest. If you think you've got hot stems, show up to the American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Ave., at noon Wednesday. The winner will take home a supply of Venus Breeze razors, a $500 gift check and a chance to compete in the national finals where the aforementioned goddess Rihanna will present the winner with the grand prize. Visit


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