The Fort Worth Opera has decided to be a bad influence Monday. Just as you’re starting a new work week, planning a civilized evening at home with your Netflix, they beckon you out with the promise of booze and classical music. It’s an aria-in-your-face program called Opera Shots, where professional singers invade local watering holes. You, a casual lover of opera with an infatuation with alcohol, can meet other hazily like-minded folks. It’s been described as “Opera Karaoke.” Also as “way fun” and “a foreboding prelude to Tuesday morning.” So really, we couldn’t be more pleased to greet them as they bring this celebrated experiment of drunk singing to The Foundry (2303 Pittman St.) from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. For the special Dallas offering, you get a 10-minute mini opera called Figaro’s Last Hangover. It’s free to show up, but you’ll pay in the morning. Visit
Mon., March 4, 2013


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