Sideburns and Frowns

Every Wednesday night, DJ Johnny Murder spins an eclectic mix at Fallout Lounge. Expect everything from Supertramp to Super Furry Animals. His spinning shenanigans will be augmented this Wednesday by a live performance from the legendary Dutch Treats. In honor of Luke Perry's 39th birthday, the Treats will tease and please you with tales of Wookiee lovers, underground elf civilizations and pre-teen, crack-addicted prostitutes. You could stay in, watch a movie and make love to your girlfriend. Or you could celebrate the birthday of America's once-broodiest television high schooler by watching a crazy man sing about trolls. I know what Dylan would do. The Dutch Treats celebrate Luke Perry's birthday with DJ Johnny Murder at 10 p.m. Wednesday at Fallout Lounge, 835 Exposition Ave. Admission is free, but tips are appreciated. Call 214-823-0675.
Wed., Oct. 11


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