Druggies ruin everything: brownies, car antennae, easy access to pseudoephedrine and most important, "Puff the Magic Dragon." No, dope fiend, not everything would "make a good bong," and not everything's about weed. "Puff" isn't a veiled reference to your favorite strain o' mary jane, but it does deal with some heavy issues—the weight of immortality, the loss of childhood wonder and the end of friendship. "Without his lifelong friend, Puff could not be brave/So Puff, that mighty dragon, sadly slipped into his cave," sang folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary in 1962. But more than 40 years later, Peter Yarrow (who originally wrote the song from a poem by his friend Leonard Lipton) decided that shouldn't be the end of Puff's story and created Puff the Magic Dragon, a children's book that presents a happier future for the gentle beast. The book features whimsical paintings by French illustrator Eric Puybaret and a CD with songs from Yarrow and his daughter Bethany. Yarrow signs copies of his book at Froggie's 5 & 10, 3211 Knox St., at 2 p.m. Saturday. Call 214-522-JUMP.
Sat., Sept. 8, 2 p.m.


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