Snaps For Finesse

Finesse Mitchell may be the most forgettable black Saturday Night Live cast member ever. Remember Starkeisha, the stereotypical mean ghetto gal? Didn't think so. How boring do you have to be that you're overshadowed by the Good Burger dude? Of course, during Mitchell's 2003 to 2006 stint, the memory of Tracy Morgan's unhinged lunacy was still fresh. Since leaving the show, he's come into his own with a role in Who's Your Caddy? and now pens a relationship advice column for Essence. Mitchell plays up his low-level fame in the DVD Snap Famous in a bit where people approach him and say, "Oh, you're..." and snap their fingers, trying to remember his name. He performs Thursday through Saturday at the Arlington Improv, 309 Curtis Mathes Way in Arlington. Tickets ($15 to $17) and showtimes are at 817-635-5555 or
April 1-3, 2010


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