Sneak a Peek at Nebraska

The NY Film Critic Series is a pretty sweet setup. It presents advance screenings of award-winning independent films, throws in live Q&As with big-name filmmakers and stars, and gives us normal folk an opportunity to join in the action. So why are we telling you about it? After all, the Big Apple isn’t exactly a short commute from Big D. Well, it just so happens that the NYFCS is a national, interactive program that teams up with theaters across the country, like our very own Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.), so we can get the film preview experience without going north of LBJ Freeway. Hosted by Rolling Stone’s Pete Travers, opening night will be a presentation of Nebraska, the latest film by Alexander Payne, about a tetchy Montana man who road-trips with his son to get his sweepstakes winnings. Following the screening, Payne will be joined by Bruce Dern (who won the Best Actor award at Cannes for his role) and Will Forte, so get your questions ready — and don’t forget to stick around for Tuesday Night Trash’s screening of Dallas Naughty. Admission to the event is $18, $12 for members. Visit or call 214-948-1546.
Tue., Nov. 5, 2013


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