Snoop Momm Is In The House, Of Worship.

It's well known that Snoop Dogg wasn't "born" in the traditional sense. Instead he materialized, a wee Snoopling, in a hot tub on the set of a rap video, blunt tucked into his diaper. Still, one woman argues this. Her name is Beverly Broadus-Green and she insists that she pushed Snoop out the old-fashioned way. And that she called him Calvin. And that Snoop is some sort of "nickname." Since that day Momma Dogg and Snoop have lived very different lives. While Beverly traveled the country as an ordained evangelist, Snoop grew up to do... well, Snoop stuff. Still, the pair unite over Sunday dinners and find common ground where they can. It's a relationship you might be seeing more of soon if Ladies in the Pulpit gets picked up by a network. The show follows a Real Housewives format, with clusters of characters scattered across the country. Beverly is part of the California edition, but all act to relay the same message: Women in top church positions are just like the rest of us, they just handle their issues with a bit more grace. Will it make for compelling television? Visit with the cast and find out. While there pick Beverly's brain about raising a Snoop Dogg. The launch party for Ladies is Thursday at Meridian Gardens in Arlington (2535 E. Arkansas Lane) and it'll cost you $25. Visit
Thu., July 26, 2012


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