Something Beautiful is Brewing

Keeping a gallery space alive and vibrant for a decade isn’t a small feat. Doing that as an artist-operated space is nearly unheard of. Kettle Art Gallery (2650-B Main St.) has been an integral piece of the city’s art scene since it was built by hand 10 years ago, operating as both a clubhouse and springboard space for emerging and established Dallas artists. Each year we get a chance to pitch in and directly contribute to its mission during For the Love of Kettle, a one-night-only competitive shopping event. The talent roster is deep, with each of the 100-plus participating artists donating a small work with the low ticket price of $50. Everything brought in goes directly to Kettle’s operating costs so we can keep enjoying the space year after year. Since Deep Ellum 42 has been so generous with its neighborhood properties, lending and renting them for art purposes, Kettle honors them by selling the first 42 works for the lower price of $42. Nobody misses this annual event, and the line to get inside forms early. Arrive before doors open at 7 p.m. or be sad forever. Visit Kettle Art on Facebook.
Sat., Feb. 8, 2014


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