Southlake, Germany

If there's a group of people you don't want to piss off, it's the Germans. No, not because they once tried to take over the world, but because they have given us a variety of important artifacts, and we don't want to have to give them back. I'm talking beer—I'll have a Berliner Weisse, thanks—Christmas trees, bratwurst and, best of all, lederhosen. The name for leather knee-length breeches is often mispronounced by English speakers. The word ought to rhyme with "tater frozen." Other pronunciations will have you actually saying "regrettably-breeches" or "song-breeches." So do the Germans proud, and put on your "tater-frozen" for the Outlet Store's FruhlingsFest from noon till 8 p.m Sunday at 2890 Market Loop in Southlake. The event features cooking demos, food samples and a performance by Munich's very own traditional beer-drinking music band, Out of Bavaria. Admission is free. Call 817-410-9955.
Sun., April 1, 12-8 p.m.


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