Spiked Up

When people think about volleyball, some may reminisce about that awesome game in junior high where they spiked the hell out of that ball. Others may get all nostalgic for those Frankie and Annette beach flicks; so innocent, so naïve. The younger generation probably salivates over MTV spring break footage packed with drunk college chicks and even drunker frat guys shaking their money makers for the cameras. When I think about volleyball, only one thing occupies my brain: the volleyball sequence from Top Gun. It is as effective an endorsement for volleyball as any real ad campaign. Remember the slow-motion shots of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in their greased-up, 20-something prime, diving for shots on the sand, high-fiving and giving the occasional "attaboy" pat on the ass? In this one scene, director Tony Scott created the most homoerotic few minutes of film in the last 100 years. If after watching that you don't want to play volleyball, there's something seriously wrong with you. Well, now you have your chance. Spikefest 2008 is coming to Dallas (er, The Colony) Saturday and Sunday at The Colony Five Star Sports Complex , 4100 Blair Oaks Drive . You can register at Spikefest.com or call 1-888-3-VOLLEY for details. Tell 'em Iceman sent you.
Sat., Aug. 2; Sun., Aug. 3, 2008


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