Spooky Monkey Polka

When we turn 103, we hope we can still stay up late like the DMA can. The museum celebrates triple digits the third Friday of each month with Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art, presented by Starbucks, featuring a smattering of activities from 6 p.m. clear on through to midnight. This month's event kicks off the new year with fun, style and even a little street cred. The music is all over the map with polka from the city's beloved Brave Combo, drumming by KUMAASI African Ensemble and experimental hip-hop/trip-hop/wacked-out goodness that can't/shouldn't be categorized by DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid. Throw in a screening of the original 1933 King Kong, a Literary Café with featured author Susan Vreeland, Yoga for Kids and more, and the DMA is one helluva Friday night destination.
Fri., Jan. 20, 6 p.m.-midnight


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