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In Damn Yankees, a fan of the Washington Senators (it occurs in the 1950s) swaps his soul to Satan in return for a matchless baseball prowess. He uses that prowess to conquer the dominating '50s Yankees and grab the pennant for his Senators. This adaptation of the venerable Faust tale is good -- anything using baseball to get across some morality is -- but I have an idea for a remix of this play. A Rangers fan (I could play this guy. What? I have some acting chops.) barters with the Dark One for the flame-throwing pitching arm the team so desperately needs. He then leads our Arlington boys (who moved here from Washington) past the Red Sox (the new Evil Empire) and straight into the World Series. It would be magical, and who cares if it wouldn't be reality? Opening night would be sold out months in advance. I mean, it would be the only time the city of Dallas could ever see the Rangers in the World Series. But if you don't like my spin-off, Garland Summer Musicals is showing the original Damn Yankees this summer, running through June 29. Call 972-205-2780 or visit for specific performance times and ticket information.
June 20-29, 2008


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