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While the matrimonial antics of thick celebrities may be fun to read about if there's a dearth of painfully embarrassing anecdotes in your own life, most of the time they're just a source of humor. But rather than bemoaning the day that Britney Spears was issued her first marriage license (or how soon she'll get her second), Shane Arts' Comedy Killers embrace the amusing annoyance and channel it into a new artistic avenue with Celebrity Newly-Deads, an interactive murder mystery that takes pot shots at pop culture while you enjoy a tasty meal.

Celebrity Newly-Deads--performed in true glamorous celebrity style aboard a boat cruise on Lake Ray Hubbard--revolves around the third marriage of pop star Brittany Simpson to recording franchise tycoon Richard Ratzi. Hilarity and homicide ensue when the guests, including Pappa Ratzi, Miss Cindy Rellah and Justin Timetofallintothelake, are confined to a small space and forced to converse with one another. And while the influence of celebrities can be dangerous, this show is suitable for audiences of all ages. And it's a great cautionary tale for some impressionable youths. So come out to the Texas Queen Riverboat and enjoy this world premiere comedy on the lake. It's like The Star, only with more death and mystery.


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