Considering the hazy, light-polluted night skies we get around the metromess area, it may take a little imagination to understand the awe the night sky used to inspire. Stargazing around these parts usually means getting into an exclusive club and having a B-list brush with greatness. Stars of the Pharaohs, a new show at the University of Texas at Arlington's planetarium, offers a take on stargazing of the ancient variety, relying on digital animation and narration from the booming voice of John Rhys-Davies (of Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones renown) to take viewers on an imaginary trip around Egypt's temples, tombs and the skies above them.Get your gaze on Saturday through November 9 at the planetarium at UT Arlington, 700 Planetarium Place in Arlington. Call 817-272-1183 or visit
Thursdays-Saturdays. Starts: Sept. 2. Continues through Nov. 19


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