Steady Rockin'

Most rock and roll tries to be a badass thrill ride, every guitar lick fulfilling testosterone-fueled fantasies of living fast and dying young. But if real life were anything like the things that happen on Alice Cooper or Eminem records, we wouldn't call banging 40 chicks and dumping some haters in the river remarkable, we'd call it Tuesday. Which is why the Hold Steady's special brand of rock music is so comforting. The slice-of-life lyrics and laid-back delivery of frontman Craig Finn isn't about screwing some girl with a fish. It's by and for the people. Not nerdy people or geeky people, just folks who like to rock out, maybe take some drugs if they can get somebody to drive them home, or maybe kiss some charismatic stranger at the bar. Head out for a night of fully achievable rocking when the Hold Steady perform at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Palladium Ballroom, 1135 S. Lamar St. Tickets are $18. Call 214-373-8000 or visit
Wed., Nov. 14, 8 p.m., 2007


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