Steinem Says We’re Screwed

As younger women we studied up on feminism. When Gloria Steinem said that “some of us are becoming the men we’d thought we’d marry,” well, it seemed positively delightful. Limitless, even. As adults, that sentence is a bit more depressing. There’s an inherent push/pull between who should and who shouldn’t initiate a conversation or extend a simple invite. But there was a time when that was dude work, and only on Sadie Hawkins Day did the ladies get put to task. There’s an art show happening Saturday at CentralTrak (800 Exposition Ave.) that focuses on that defunct holiday and it’s organized by Leigh Arnold, who recently curated DallaSites for the DMA. The Bridge Club, Celia Eberle, Linda Finnell, Susan kae Grant, Margaret Meehan, Nina Schwanse and Faith Wilding all contribute work on the topic of gender roles, their reversal and the current or future states of feminism. Get your ladylike on during Saturday’s opening reception for Sadie Hawkins; it runs from 8 to 10 p.m. and is free. Visit
Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: Oct. 26. Continues through Dec. 14, 2013


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