Step to It

As mindless and dull as most reality TV is, there are still a few shows out there that actually teach us a thing or two. Admit it--before watching the quickfire challenges of Bravo's Top Chef, you had no idea what an amuse-bouche was. And what about America's Next Top Model? Before tuning in to Tyra and her crop of potential supermodels, I didn't know a go-see from a seesaw. But now, if I’m ever discovered at the supermarket or while browsing at Payless, I'll know how to strut my stuff with the best of 'em. The same goes for the sparkly, upbeat ABC series, Dancing With the Stars. Admittedly, the show sometimes goes overboard with cheesy celebrity worship, but it taught us ballroom newbies the difference between a rumba and a paso doble, and that you should never break your hold in the tango. And practical application aside, knowledge is power, so do your brain a favor and catch the Dancing With the Stars tour as it hits American Airlines Center Friday. Tickets are $49.50 to $65 and can be purchased at For more information, visit
Fri., June 22


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