Stonerpiphany: Pink Floyd + Lasers = Righteous

“Dude, we’ve got a crisis. We’re going to have to leave the apartment – our snack supply is, like, gone. We even used all of the flavor packets from the Ramen noodles for that MSG bong – which was badass, by the way. That was like, the most amazing thing anyone’s ever done for Dark Side of Oz night. We flavored that shit! And the MSG made my eyes and ears just, like, taste everything better, you know? I almost wish that we hadn’t done that yet, just so that we could do it again. I mean what could ever be better than Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz on MSG? I mean, it would take something crazy. It would take, like, David Gilmour plus lasers to be more intense than that. Too bad nothing in the world is that cool. Well, maybe in Japan...” Tonight, shit gets that cool. The Planetarium at UT Arlington (700 Planetarium Place, on UT Campus in Arlington) shows Laser Floyd at 7 p.m., but tell your stoner friends it starts at 6:15. Tickets cost $6 for adults. Visit While you’re out, remember to restock your snack cave.
Sat., July 7, 7 p.m., 2012


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