Surf's (Hanging) Up

Aside from a few unimpressive attempts at surfing as a sixth-grader--I retired after I managed to stay on my feet for a few seconds--my exposure to surf culture was mostly limited to the Beach Boys and the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. But even my one moment of triumph on the board was exhilarating enough to explain why a relatively obscure coastal sport became a cultural phenomenon. Birth of Surf: The 1960s and 1970s Documentary Photography of LeRoy Grannis captures the lifestyle's rise from DIY roots to mainstream acceptance, as shot by a Surfing International co-founder. The exhibition, free to the public, hangs through August 21 at American Institute of Architects, 1909 Woodall Rodgers, Suite 100. Visit or call 214-948-9595.
June 22-Aug. 21, 2009


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