Sweating Booze

I think New Year's "fun runs" are an apocalyptically bad idea. Clearly, the whole point of a New Year's run is to start off your year by being all healthy and athletic. And while the serious runners will always make it to a January 1 race, the Everyman will resolve to start out 2009 on an active note, but then wake up on New Year's Day with a hand-stamp transferred onto his face and a numbing hangover. If you can't even walk to the kitchen without gagging, how are you supposed to run for three miles? Inevitably, the guilt/shame cycle kicks off, making it harder and harder to get motivated to go running tomorrow, since...well, you already got the New Year off to a terrible start. Maybe next year will be better; pass the Miller Lite. But the folks in Addison are here to save you from your New Year's shame. They've thoughtfully scheduled the Rotary Resolution Run on January 10 this year, well out of the post-holiday hangover window. They want you to succeed at your fitness goals for the year with a family-friendly 1K, 5K or 10K that will kick-start a new routine for a happier, healthier year. Be at the Addison Conference Centre, 15650 Addison Road, at 7 a.m. Saturday with $30 for registration. Visit rotaryresolutionrun.com for more information and remember--if you can't get out of bed for this one, it's all on you.
Sat., Jan. 10, 7 a.m., 2009


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