Sweet Selvidge-ation

Usually one goes to a yoga studio to get relaxed, not to get the blues. So, what's this about blues music in a yoga studio? Bend Studio, known for its unique yoga space by day, performance space by night formula, proves that you don't have to have the blues to enjoy hearing them. Saturday's show features Sid Selvidge, a renowned Southern Delta bluesman from Memphis, Tennessee, who's played with everyone from Alex Chilton to renowned producer Jim Dickinson. And when he's not performing, Selvidge also serves as executive producer for the popular syndicated radio program Beale Street Caravan (broadcast locally on 88.1 KNTU-FM out of Denton), which claims 2.4 million listeners a week. Selvidge performs at 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Bend Studio Fort Worth, 1901 Montgomery St. (You can also catch Selvidge 8:30 p.m. Friday at the original Bend Studio, 5014 McKinney Ave.) Admission is $15. For information, call 214-606-0770 or visit bendstudio.com.
Sat., July 14


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