Sweet Success

Are you one of the people who are just now discovering the greatness that is Art Prostitute? It's OK, I understand—I'm one too. That drive up 35 always seemed so long in the past, didn't it? You always wanted to check it out, but you just couldn't bring yourself to make that northern trek. Well, with their recent relocation to Deep Ellum (to 2919-C Commerce St.), you have no more excuses. Not just your average gallery, Art Prostitute is the home of a nationally recognized quarterly publication with seven issues under its belt. Most Likely to Succeed, a retrospective of the gallery's various exhibits as well as their publication, is a group exhibition running now through September 4. It features originals and prints by Dalek, National Forest, Allison V. Smith, Art Prostitute founders Brian Gibb and Mark Searcy, and more than a dozen other artists that you need to know about. If the exhibition's opening reception gives us any indication (with the crowd spilling out into the street as DJ Sober and DJ $elect manned the tables), then Dallas is welcoming Art Prostitute with open arms—and Most Likely to Succeed is your best bet to play catch up. Call 214-760-7170 or visit artprostitute.com.
July 22-Sept. 4


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