Talk Dirty for Us

Two-and-a-half years ago Dallas business owner Greg Weiner's mental light bulb went on. For about a month now, his brainchild has found a home in one of the several bars he owns. It is a dark, womb-like hole in the wall called the Slip Inn, and its description, as well as its name, makes it the perfect host for a little something Weiner has dubbed Pornaoke Tuesday.

As common karaoke loses its appeal as "the hip thing to do," the cave-like bar on McMillan Avenue renews the style of performance with the visual addition of soft-core "porn," meaning, not really porn. The attraction is that the busty B-movies offer a platform for hidden singing talent as well as options for the talent-less.

Gutsy patrons can pick a song that goes along with the current scene and belt one out. Or should melodic vocalization be far from a forte, the tone-deaf (or shameless) can provide the dialogue or sound effects to the film. Hosts Will and Landry, a dynamic drag queen, keep the action rolling as DJ Tony Fair spins what Weiner calls "a unique brand of music" that crosses into many genres and surprisingly often fits lyrically as well as stylistically with the film for the evening.


Experience Pornaoke every Tuesday beginning at 11 p.m. at the Slip Inn, 1806 McMillan Ave. Call 214-370-5988.

Recent films have included much of the Russ Meyer catalog (which touts cult classics such as Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Supervixens and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), a Red Shoe Diary here and there and a few other B-rated blue flicks carefully chosen by the staff. Weiner stresses that the films are not hard-core porn, just raunchy enough to support the idea of the event and supply the kitschy adult atmosphere for his variation on karaoke.

After four weeks, the Tuesday-night action has grown in popularity, but it retains the neighborhood vibe the bar is known for. Not too crowded to be comfy, and lacking the haughty Dallas attitude, the Slip Inn is about fun and, of course, cheap libations. And, yes, on Tuesdays, that translates into titties and beer...just don't forget the self-inflicted, but fully enjoyable, humiliation.


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