Tell 'Em About That Time You Lit The Lawn On Fire

If honesty and authenticity is required for art to truly blossom, then Nicole Stewart’s Oral Fixation series of open-chested spoken-word performances from folks sharing personal, sad and humorous stories is indeed a fully formed rose. Operating off a single phrase, a handful of brave and entertaining participants take the stage of the Kitchen Dog Theater (inside the MAC) and provide their personal recollections revolving around a specific, liberally-applied theme. Past performances have featured tales relating to “One Night Stand” and “Have a Field Day,” treating receptive audiences to stories that most would have a hard time admitting to their closest friends, let alone a room of strangers. The next theme is “Cooking With Gas.” The many directions such a phrase can be taken is intriguing enough on its own, so the stories are sure to be explosive. See it all on May 15th from 7:30 p.m. To 8:30 p.m. for $10.00. Visit
Tue., May 15, 2012


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