Texas Theatre is Having a Flash Gordon Costume Party on Friday. Set Phasers to Stunning.

Queen's operatic rock anthem. Intergalactic football fighting. A plot as gapped and breezy as an open knit. Flash Gordon (1980) is a cosmic cog in the machinery of big budget releases -- and that is precisely why we adore it.

Texas Theatre appreciates the B-ist of all B-cinema, so it's flipping the 35 mm thruster switch this weekend for a Flash Gordon tribute screening. From Thursday through Sunday, you can experience the simply perfect story of a professional football player and travel writer marooned on planet Mongo in the most civilized way possible: with a cocktail in hand.

On Friday night, aesthetic stakes are raised when the Theatre puts together a special costumed afterparty. So when Freddie Mercury belts his last note, you'll take it to the lobby where DJ duo Ghost Daddys (Sean Sparks & Boston Morgan) dare you to shake what your Mongo Overlords gave you. Costumes are strongly encouraged and fun to wear.


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