Texas Theatre Says "Get Drunk and Make Art." Also, "Suck it, Wednesday."

As part of Texas Theatre's unofficial Awesome-up The Planet Initiative, anyone is now allowed to be an artist.
Also, a drunk.

Even you!

Yes! The one shaving out your ear wax with a pencil eraser! A--aaa--nd you might want to hang on to that: there is no medium du jour at tonight's Bar Art Wednesday.

Supplies are provided by Make Shop & Studio, but you're encouraged to bring your own inspirational medium. Well, *kinda. What remains -- crafty items, digital art, collage -- will likely be overshadowed by the evening's end, when drunken performance art will certainly steal the limelight.

Pop on by. Things get in gear around 7ish, but artsy-cocktail-playtime will go all night. There will be a designated theme and prizes awarded to smug overachievers. * Texas Theatre asks that you avoid the following: tools required for metalworking (blow torches), things that stain (paints), gloppy crud (clay) and ice-carving necessities (chain saws).

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