The 13 Best Tattoo Parlors in DFW

The 13 Best Tattoo Parlors in DFW
Steve Visneau

Tattooing the number 13 on Friday 13th has been a tradition among tattoo addicts long before Jason Voorhees climbed out of Crystal Lake and donned a hockey mask to silence a few horny campers by using every-day garden tools like a hatchet, a shovel and a machete.

It's a day and a tattoo that have spawned legends among tattoo aficionados. From legendary inkslinger Spider Webb's tattooing the Roman numeral 13 on 13 goth girls all dressed in black in under 10 minutes to Dallas legendary inkslinger Oliver Peck's tattathon involving the sacred number, which landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most tattoos slung in a 24-hour period, Friday 13th is fast becoming a tattoo holiday for people of all ages to celebrate.

In honor of Oliver Peck's first Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival on Friday 13th, we've scoured the DFW area in search of the 13 best tattoo parlors that have some of Texas' best artists seven days a week.

Stainless Studios One of the newer parlors on our list, Stainless Studios has been providing custom tattoos and body piercings for the Lower Greenville area since 2009. "Every customer is treated how we like to be treated." And with artists specializing in styles such as neo-traditional, color realism and black and gray portraits, this studio will be around for years to come.

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Infinity 13 Studios

In the old days of tattooing, parlors appeared for a few weeks and then disappeared when the artists made enough cash to move on to the next town or his or her pirate ship set sail to pillage another village. Infinity 13 Studios pays homage to the old ways by appearing on Skillman Avenue in one listing and East Northwest Highway in another one. But where ever this shop ends up next (current location is East Northwest Highway), the tattooists are bound to memorize with their intricate designs. (In fact, they're offering tattoos of the number 13 for $13 plus $7 mandatory tip.)

The 13 Best Tattoo Parlors in DFW

Saints & Sinners

Just off North Josey Lane in Carrollton, in the same parking lot as Pizza Hut, CNT Hair Salon and Dollar General, the artists of Saints and Sinners are tapping into people's bodies like it's their last ink fix. "We pride ourselves on friendly service and client education." Thankfully, tattoo addicts and ink virgins only have four rules to follow: 1) "You don't talk about Saints & Sinners"; 2) "There is a $5 charge for whining"; 3) "You must partake in the sacred ritual of the 'Hot Towel'"; and 4) "You don't talk about Saints & Sinners."

Cat Tattoo

Claiming to be Texas' first fully custom tattoo parlor, Cat Tattoo has been drilling into people's arms for more than 17 years, providing the highest quality in art, ink, piercings and laser removal. Located off Belt Line Road in Addison, this parlor is known for its creative spin on script, traditional and new school art, tribal, pop art and much, much more. Its artists "have mastered multiple mediums that push the limits to accomplish what other studios will not even attempt." (Damn, sounds like my kind of shop.)

Taboo Tattoo

Taboo Tattoo's artists -- Cody "Biggs," Timmy, Cyle, Bryan and Diego -- have been tatting at two locations, one in Deep Ellum and the other in Oak Cliff, since the early '90s. "Our shop is a sanctuary of creative self-expression and we give each client the respect and care he or she deserves." From searing portraits of bleeding eyes to half sleeves with intricate designs and beautiful coloring, these inkslingers deserve a spot on our coveted list.

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