The Best Of West Dallas

The Fort Worth Avenue Development Group might actually be a pack of superheros. They combine over a love of West Dallas, improving the pedestrian conditions through beautification, public works programs and increasing the general surface area of the sidewalks and, sigh, someday bike lanes. What we forget about superheros is that they usually have generous benefactors payrolling their endeavors. The FWADG has you, and ...WAIT, COME BACK! You’ll actually want to go to this! Saturday night is the group’s Spare Parts fundraiser, named after the nature of the art which anchors the show. Crafted entirely out of recycled, discarded items and — let’s say it: trash — these works of gorgeousness were all made by local artists to be auctioned off at the party. The money raised goes back to the 3.2-mile strip of West Dallas’ beautification, like the Mobius Bench, that curvacious seating nook welded out of metal and hammered pine at the edge of Chicken Scratch’s property. That project and others were funded by last year’s Spare Parts event. So show up. Bid. And drink a bunch of beer. It all goes down at Four Corners Brewery, another new neighborhood addition, which sits at 423 Singleton Blvd. Tickets cost $35 and include food and drinks. Visit
Sat., Sept. 22, 2012


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